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supplement /5sQplImEnt/ n [C] (报纸、杂志等的)增刊:the Sunday color supplements 周日彩色增刊

analogy /E5nAlEdVi/ n [C] 类比;比喻:She drew an analogy between childbirth and the creative process. 她将生孩子与创造过程作类比。

envision /In5vIVn/ v [T] 想象:He wasn’t what I’d expected—I’d envisioned some much taller.他和我所期待的不一样——想象中他的个头应该高得多。

deduce /dI5dju:s/ v [T] 推论;推断;演绎:That Africa and South America were once joined can be deduced from that fact. [1998 Text 5] 从那一事实中可以推断出非洲和南美曾经是相连的。

sequence /5si:kwEns/ n [C] (事情发生的)顺序;次序:The questions should be asked in a logical sequence. 这些问题应该按照逻辑顺序提出。

confusing /kEn5fju:zIN/ adj令人困惑的;令人糊涂的:This might seem very confusing to those who know nothing about it. 这对那些对它一无所知的人来说可能显得很难理解。

field /fi:ld/ v [T] 回答:He fielded some awkward questions very skillfully. 他非常巧妙地回答了几个尴尬的问题。

coincidence /kEU5InsIdEns/ n [C] 巧合;巧事:It was a coincidence that he was born on his mother’s birthday. 他在他母亲生日那天出生,真是巧事。

visualize /5vIVuElaIz/ v [T] 设想;想象:Visualize how you would like to end instead; the next time it occurs, try to wake up just enough to control its course. [2005 Text 3] 设想一下你所希望的梦的结局,下次再做同样的梦时,试图及时醒来以控制它的进程。

figure out 弄懂;搞清楚:Help your kids figure out who they are. [2005 Part B] 帮助你的孩子了解自己。

suit /su:t/ v [T] 适合;适宜于:The city lifestyle seems to suit her—she is certainly looking very well. 城市的生活方式似乎很适合她——她显然看起来气色非常好。

elude /I5lu:d/ v [T] 使困惑;使不理解:a metaphor that eluded them 他们理解不了的隐喻

intelligence /In5telIdVEns/ n [U] 智力;理解力:a child of high / average / low intelligence 高智商 / 普通智商 / 低智商的孩子

encompass /In5kQmpEs/ v [T] 包含;包括:By its very name, anthropology encompasses the study of all humankind. [2003 Part C] 顾名思义,人类学包括对整个人类的研究。

neurology /njUE5rClEdVI/ n [U] 神经(病)学:Neurology is the scientific study of the nervous system and its diseases. 神经学是指对神经系统及其疾病进行的科学研究。

genetics /dVI5netIks/ n [U] 遗传学:He devotes himself to the science of genetics. 他致力于遗传学的研究。

variation /7veErI5eIFn/ n [C,U] 变化;变异;变体:White bread is really just a variation of French bread. 白面包其实只是法式面包的一种变化形式。

populate /5pCpjuleIt/ v [T] 充满;出现于:The film is populated by grotesque persons. 这部电影里面尽是古怪的人。

distribution /7dIstrI5bju:Fn/ n [C,U] 分布;分配:the highly unequal distribution of economic power 经济实力分布的高度不均衡

chronological /7krCnE5lCdVIkl/ adj 按时间先后顺序排列的:We arranged the documents in chronological order. 我们把这些文件按时间顺序排列。

aspect /5Aspekt/ n [C] 方面;层面:In his work, he attempted to show how all aspects of culture changed together in the evolution of societies. [2009 Part B] 在他的著作中,他试图展示在社会的进化过程中,文化的各个方面是如何同时发生变化的。

assess /E5ses/ v [T] 评价;评定:Examinations are not the only means of assessing a student’s ability. 考试并不是评定学生能力的唯一手段。

intelligent /In5telIdVEnt/ adj 有智慧的;聪明的:The idea that some groups of people may be more intelligent than others is one of those hypotheses that dare not speak its name. [2008完形] 人类某些族群的智商要高于其他族群,这种观点仍然是一种不敢公然宣扬的假设理论。

critical /5krItIkl/ adj 重要的;紧要的;关键性的:It is absolutely critical for us to know the truth.我们知道真相是极其重要的。

predict /prI5dIkt/ v [T] 预言;预料;预测:If you need to predict human height in the near future to design a piece of equipment, you could use today’s data and feel fairly confident. [2008 Text 3] 如果你需要预测人们在不久的将来的身高以便设计一种装备,那你就可以使用当前的数据并会感觉相当自信。

be correlated with sth 与……有关系;与……相互关联:Poverty and poor housing are correlated with a shorter life expectancy. 贫穷以及住房条件差和平均寿命较短有关。

toil /tRIl/ v [I] 长时间地苦干;辛苦劳作:They toiled slowly up / through the hill. 他们吃力地慢慢爬上了山。

philosophical /7fIlE5sCfIkl/ adj 哲学的:the philosophical problem of whether there is free will 关于是否存在自由意志的哲学问题

indicator /5IndIkeItE(r)/ n [C] 指标;标志:Financial responsibility is an indicator of political status. [2007 Text 3] 经济责任是政治地位的指标。

available /E5veIlEbl/ adj 可获得的;可找到的:We can see from the available statistics that Arizona ranked second of all states in its growth rate of population. [1998 Text 4] 从得到的统计资料中,我们可以看出,亚利桑那州的人口增长率在所有州中排行榜第二。

format /5fR:mAt/ n [C, U] (书籍、杂志或报纸的)版式;外观:It’s the same book, but a new format. 还是那本书,但这是新的版式。

obtain /Eb5teIn/ v [T] (尤指经努力)获得;得到,赢得:You will need to obtain permission from the principal. 你需要得到校长的同意。

procedure /prE5si:dVE(r)/ n [C,U] 手续;程序,步骤:This is standard procedure for getting rid of toxic waste. 这是清除毒物的标准步骤。

involve /In5vClv/ v [T]包含;需要:It’s a self-examination that has, at various times, involved issues of responsibility, creative freedom and the corporate bottom line. [1997 Text 4] 这是一种自我反省,在不同时期,它涉及社会责任、创作自由度和公司底线的问题。

skeptical /5skeptIkl/ adj 持怀疑态度的;不相信的:I am extremely skeptical about what I read in the press. 我很不相信报纸上读到的东西。

impartial /Im5pB:Fl/ adj不偏不倚的;公正的:We offer impartial advice on tax and insurance. 我们就税收和保险问题提供公正的建议。

II. 考研英语同源阅读

inflation /In5fleIFn/ n. 通货膨胀:curb inflation遏制通货膨胀

under control (危险、紧急情况等)被控制住: It took two hours to bring the blaze under control. 控制火势花了两个小时。

contain /kEn5teIn/ v. 控制;克制:She could hardly contain her excitement. 她抑制不住内心的激动。

ward off 尽力避免;避开:ward off head colds避免伤风

recession /rI5seFn/ n. 衰退;不景气: an industrial recession 工业衰退

levy /5levi/ v. 强加某事物:levy a responsibility on someone 将责任强加于某人身上

as yet 到现在为止(尚未):We’ve had no word from him as yet. 我们到现在为止也没有得到他的任何消息。

room for manoeuvre改变事态的机会;回旋余地:Small businesses have limited room for manoeuvre. 小企业的经营回旋余地有限。

run up积欠;累积:How had he run up so many debts? 他怎么欠了这么多债?

wreckage /5rekIdV/ n. 破灭;破坏:the wreckage of his political career他被毁掉的政治生涯

*leverage /5levErIdV/ v. 举债经营

shed /Fed/ v. 去掉(某物);除掉:shedding one’s

clothes on a hot day 天热时脱掉衣服

destabilising debt 不稳定的债务

overly /5EUvElI/ adv. 过度地:overly cautious过于谨慎

fiscal vulnerability 财政漏洞

trigger /5trIgE(r)/ v. 引发:trigger bitter bureaucratic debates引发激烈的官僚政治争论

in the event of如果……发生:In the event of his death Sheila will inherit the money. 一旦他故去,希拉就会继承这笔钱。

core tier one ratio 核心一级资本比率

*systemically /sI5stemIkli/ adv. 影响全部地

cushion /5kUFn/ n. 缓冲: extra funds serving as a cushion against future inflation作为抵御未来通货膨胀而进行缓冲的额外资金

wafer-thin极薄的: plates of wafer-thin metal薄金属碟子

set sth out (有条理地)陈述,阐明:He set out his objections to the plan.他陈述了他对这个计划的反对意见。


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